Does your DJs handle our announcements and introductions?

Yes. It’s part of any package chosen.

Yes, all of our packages are all-inclusive and include premium wireless microphones for announcements, speeches, toasts, prayer, introductions, and anything else you need using our microphones, (except karaoke, as we do not service karaoke).

Our premium wireless microphones have the super clarity and right tone needed for effective delivery of speeches and more. We have four wireless microphones, used with its own mixer, as well as two wireless lavaliers (lapel microphones), perfect for wedding ceremonies.

Never garbled nor talking too fast, (where you cannot understand a word being said over the mike), without question, DJ LORi is very experienced in using the microphone with the right tone and clarity. She presents herself professionally to fully deliver, all without needless promoting nor any type of obnoxious behavior. Being professional is number one!