Music Genres Available


• Vocalists
• Jazz, Blues, New Age
• Movie Soundtracks
• Ballads & Love Songs
• 50's Sock Hop Rock
• 60's to Now Classic Rock
• Alternative & Metal Rock
• 70's Disco
• 70's to 80's Retro
• 70's to 2000's Radio Mainstream / Bubble-Gum Pop
• Motown & Funk
• R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae
• Country/ Western
• Country Square Dance

Special Interest
• Themes
• Children's
• Special Occasions & Sound Effects
• Line Dances / Steppers
• Contemporary Christian / Gospel
• Classical
• Holiday Music
• Greek • Irish • Italian • Jewish • Latin/Spanish • Polish
• Scottish • Soca-Carribean
Latin Music
• Bachata • Banda • Bolero • Cuban • Cumbia • Grupero
• Latin Dance • Mariachi • Merengue • Norteno
• Ranchero • Reggaeton • Salsa • Tejano • Vallento
Night Club & Dance
• 70's to 2000's Nightclub / House
• Spanish House
• All Old School including 1980's Chicago Radio-WBMX
• Old School House
• Electronica Dance
• Euro / Progressive / Techno / Trance
• Freestyle / Heartthrob
Other Information
Edited Music
The symbol * noted on song titles will indicate explicit lyrics. Lori"s DJ Service takes special care of using edited songs played at events.
(While music is always edited for all events, club music usually are not formatted for edit purposes. With this, please be aware of this when choosing club music for your event)
Your Chosen Music

• Cocktail hour will have upbeat tempos without blasting out your guests.
• Dinner Music is soft background music that will not bore your guests.
• Fun Dancing Music is a combination of YOUR choices and popular selections
(without the same old tune) to create energy for all ages to enjoy, together!
• These music selections are chosen by YOU and can be found in our Bridal / Party planner.

Ceremony Wedding Music

We carry all of the traditional & contemporary ceremonial wedding music.
• Classic Church
• Stringed instruments (Violin, harp, guitar, etc.)
• Horned Instruments (Trumpet, French horn, etc.)
• Piano
• Instrumental & Vocals Available

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