Wedding of Kelsey and Renee Summa
Wedding date of June 16 - Munster, IN

Thank you so much! You rocked it tonight! We had a blast!

Wedding of Brian and Sarah Caifero
Wedding date of May 26 - Portage, IN

I just want to thank you for the fabulous job you did for Brian and Sarah's wedding. We've gotten so many compliments about the music before, during and after dinner and about the props (people enjoyed that extra touch). Thanks for working in the dance for us. I know Sarah and Brian were surprised but certainly not as surprised as the crowd was with their Dirty Dancing (Wow was that something!) Anyway, thanks for all you did to make the reception so great!

Wedding of JR and Debbie Ford
Wedding date of October 22- Schererville, IL

You did an amazing job and we had so many compliments from all of our guests. It was a tough crowd but you handled it. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Thank you also for taking care of my mom's requests! She was happy with everything :)

Wedding of Bill and Holly Hickman
Wedding date of October 16- Spring Grove, IL

Thank you!!!
Awesome job! It was everything we expected and so much more! I'll let you know when the show is to be aired: I can't wait to see the show next January! Hope i win!!!

Wedding of Todd and Angela Schafer
Wedding date of October 8 - Valparaiso, IN

Bride: PERFECT! Everything was so fun and it was everything I expected and more! Thank you so much for everything you did.

Mother of Bride: I received so many compliments on the great job you did. At the reception, I was worried that there were so many empty tables during the night, but then my relative said to me, "But look why, it's because they are on the dancefloor!" HAHA! The night was full of people having fun and that dancefloor amazed me with the non-stop dancing, even with the older folks enjoying the younger folk's music. It was great doing business with you, thank you!

Wedding of Dave and Brittany Cobian
Wedding date of September 24

Perfect job! We had such a blast! Thank you for absolute job of playing our House music requests and you are the best ever!

Wedding of Matt and Celia Lovely
Wedding date of September 10- Rensselaer, IN

Thank you for doing a great job. My dad raves about you doing my other brother and sister's weddings coming up in a few years :)

Wedding of Brad and Kara Lande
Wedding date of September 3- Oak Brook, IL
(also provided 2 hours after-party following the reception)

DJ Lori was awesome! Having worked in the club industry for 15 years, my expectations were very high. Lori exceeded all of my expectations. My friends and family are still raving about how much fun they had. Lori made my wedding so unique and I can't thank or recommend her enough.

Wedding of Jeremy and Tammy Hill
Wedding date of July 9- Munster, IN

AWESOME! My family loved you! THANK YOU! You read our minds on everything we needed and took care of us for the ceremony, of which you were not even hired for. What a fabulous job!

Wedding of Joseph and Stephanie Sheehan
Wedding date of June 4- Schererville, IN

After reliving our wedding through pictures and more, we wanted to thank DJ Lori for rocking the house all night long! We just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did at our reception! I still have people telling me how much fun they had. It was all that I wanted and so much more!
Thank you!

Wedding of Joshua and Joy Wilkinson
Wedding date of May 21- Merrillville, IN

Mother of Bride: DJ Lori did our daughter Joy's wedding reception last night: all I can say is AMAZING!!! If you have a wedding or any kind of party coming up...GET THIS WOMAN!!! You won't be sorry. Thank you Lori for the GREAT party.

Bride & Groom: Perfect job done! We loved that you listened to our requests to NOT play any cheesy wedding music and play our list of only pop and club songs. Thank you!!!

Wedding of Luke and Natasha Ponder
Wedding date of September 5 - Wheaton, IL

Bride: Thank You so much for such a great time at our wedding! I thank you so very much. Luke and I and our guests had a great time. I will be sending you something shortly. Thanks again!
Groom: Go, DJ! That's My DJ! Thank you so much for a great night! You did an awesome job and kept the dance floor jumping!

Guests' comments:
1. I'm still rocking to the imaginary beats, y'all! DJ LORi brought the house down on Sunday! We need another party like that! Natasha, can we have a re-do of your wedding reception?
2. I had a blast last night at the (DJ LORI) jammed as usual. I must say my feet are good since I got out of my heels early in the game, but my knees ache just a bit from breakin' it down too much:)! It was good seeing you and thanks for the hits!

Wedding of Phil and Katie Utterback
Wedding date of September 4 - St. Joseph, MI

Simply amazing! OMG, I love you, the best DJ ever. Thank you so much, you are definitely the best. That dancefloor remained packed all night and my friends had a ball.

Wedding of Patrick and Rhonda Kowalski
Wedding date of August 28 - Michigan City, IN

AMAZING JOB! Such an amazing job! We are overwhelming so grateful for the absolutely amazing job you did. We had such a blast and our 400 guests are just floored by the fun they had. We keep getting compliments on the whole thing and we are so exhausted from everything, including from dancing all night! We're were also glad you could hang out with us at our clubhouse for the afterparty, LOL. Thank you so much!

Wedding of Adam and Bre Calderoni
Wedding date of August 22 - Joliet, IL

Thank you for everything!

Wedding of Dustin and Kim Bator
Wedding date July 24 - Schererville, IN

Hi Lori,
I know it's been a while but I wanted to thank you for everything you did for us on the wedding day. You did such an amazing job. We had so many people tell us "our DJ rocked". So, thank you very much. You handled yourself so professionally. You killed me when you whistled for my bridal party to listen up to you.....loved it! I will definately refer people to you and possibly use you for future parties. Your definately worth every penny we spent!!!

Wedding of Tim and Kim Hayes
Wedding date: June 26 - Schererville, IN
(Reception and outdoor ceremony performed)

Girl, you were rockin' last night! All of our family and friends commented on how that was the BEST wedding they've ever been to!!!! Thank you soooo much!!! :)

Facebook comments made by the guests from the wedding:

  1. Had a great time at the wedding last night
  2. Had a TERRIFIC time at your wedding
  3. We had such an awesome time!
  4. Indicators that it was a fun wedding: my feet hurt, I'm all sweaty, can't see straight, and a little
  5. Seriously. your d.j. was awesome! Yes, DJ Lori was fantastic!!!
  6. Oh my goodness Kim - I had such a great time!

Wedding of Lee and Rachel Saldana
Wedding date: December 26 - Schaumburg, IL

The wedding was beautiful but the reception was off the chain! DJ LORi was jamming and she was on point! Felt like I was in the clubs! Not only a great DJ but a great dancer, LOL. Can’t wait for Natasha’s wedding! My wedding was PERFECT and I am so happy with everything. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You're a true professional by making it in that blizzard! Thanks again! We'll make sure to recommend you to everyone!

Wedding of John & Agnes Miniuk
Wedding Date: October 24 -Joliet, IL

Lori, we got so many compliments from everybody and we had so much fun, too. Thank you very, very much for everything. We were really impressed with the way you handled everything, from the preplanning to the actual wedding and your itinerary was so impressive. You put details in there that I never would have thought would make a difference. Thank you for being so awesome. I will be sure to recommend you you to each every person we meet :)

Wedding of Robert & Meghan Jackson
Wedding Date: September 26 -Highland, IN

You (DJ LORI) did an amazing job! I'm still getting texts, phone calls and emails from everybody on how they had such a great time! We are both very happy with everything and you went above and beyond of what we needed. Thank you so much!

Wedding of Craig & Deborah Sims
Wedding Date: September 19 -Munster, IN

Thank you so much, You did a fantastic job! Perfect! We are like your promoter, always referring your name to our friends and more, to make sure they hire you for their weddings. Again, thank you for everything and for keeping that dance floor going all night. People have given us so many compliments and really enjoyed the music. It was so much fun, and everything was perfect!

Wedding of Jon & Gina Kull
Wedding Date: September 12 -Merrillville, IN

Awesome! THANK YOU! We had so much fun. At dinnertime alone, I received, no kidding at least, 15 compliments! Then when the dancing started, we had so many on that dance floor and they all said it was the best wedding they ever attended. You have our reference, without a doubt. THANK YOU!!!

Wedding of Kevin & Michelle Dunbar
Wedding Date: August 29 -Pontiac, Michigan

That was a lot of fun! Thanks so much for playing our all of requests. We really appreciate you coming all the way over to Michigan to do our wedding. I’m so glad that we were able to get DJ Lori. She DJed my sister’s wedding a few years back and we knew we wanted to have her, hands down.

Wedding of Frank & Kristin Kentroski
Wedding Date: August 15 -Chesterton, IN

"The best wedding we’ve ever gone to": that's what we heard from everybody! I’ve never seen a dance floor so packed as this wedding.

You did an amazing job keeping everybody dancing. Sweatiest party ever, LOL. We received a ton of compliments and I’m so amazed at the fun we had. Many thanks to DJ LORi for a tremendously awesome job. We definitely will recommend her to anyone!

Wedding of Pete & Gabreilla Iselin
Wedding Date: August 1 -Burlington, WI

Awesome job! You keep the dance-floor going and that was my biggest concern. You kept the whole evening flowing in a consistent manner and that really helped me a lot. I’m really happy with the service and here’s a nice tip for you. Thank you so much!

CARD RECEIVED: Just wanted to thank you again for helping to make our wedding the most wonderful night of our lives! You really did a fantastic job and I hope I get the opportunity to refer you. Thanks again…

Wedding of Jim & Crystal Slavo
Wedding, June19 -Orland Park, IL

Hey Lori! Thank you sooo much for Friday!! You did an AWESOME job!! You made my day priceless!! Love you!

Wedding of Bryan & Stefanie Miloshoff
Wedding Date: June 13 -Highland, IN

I’m so happy, beyond words! You did an incredible job! I received so many compliments and they told me they loved you. Thank you so much!

Wedding of Brian & Crystal Kus
Wedding Date: June 6 -Chesterton, IN

Thank you so much! You are THE BEST! You and the photographer were awesome. You, especially, were the tops of them all. I can’t thank you enough for what you did for us to make us feel at ease.

Wedding of Jeremy & Ashley Mendola
Wedding Date: May 2 -Yorkville, IL

We wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful time. You were unbelievable! We had the time of our lives that day & it was wonderful to have you there to top the reception off. Noone knew what they were in for and you blew everyone away!!! I hope in the near future, when we have a big bash, we can call you up to come DJ!!!! You really outdid yourself and thank you so much again! I hope you enjoyed yourselves, as well: it looked like you were having a good time too!!! There was some good jamming going and I cannot wait to see the video! Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon!!!

Wedding of Matthew & Katie Heiss
Wedding Date: April 18 -Dyer, IN

We had a great time last night. Everyone danced and thought DJ LORI was great. We received so many compliments on the dj. You did an excellent job. We will be recommending you in the future and hope you enjoyed yourself as well. Thanks!

Wedding of Enrique & Camberlynn Garcia
Wedding Date: February 28 -Lansing, IL

(Music spun by DJ Lori: Hip-hop, Top 40, Reggaeton, Latin House, Cumbias, Nortenos, Salsa, Merengue)

Thank you so much for making my wedding absolutely perfect yesterday! I am extremely happy. They did like everything: they were so drunk! We greatly appreciate everything you did for us. You gave us everything, above and beyond our expectations. As you already know, you were much more organized and detailed than our hired wedding coordinator, Linda. She did a terrible job and did not help me at all. Your itinerary was very thorough, much more helpful and really helped me through my day! I would recommend your services to everyone! I’ve already told my friends to run up and get your biz cards. LOVE YA!!!

Wedding of Keith & Melissa McSherry
Wedding Date: November 15

Awesome! I love you! You did an amazing job. We had so much fun!

Wedding of Paul & Shawna Huppenthal (Grant)
Wdding Date: October 18 -Munster, IN

Lori, Thank you for making this a great day!

Wedding of Paul & Shawna Huppenthal (Grant)
Wdding Date: October 18 -Munster, IN

Lori, Thank you for making this a great day!

Wedding of Daniel Prosapio (McBroom)
Wedding Date: August 23 - Countryside, IL

I can't thank you enough for the awesome job you did! I (we) really had a great time and our guests were complimented on the music. Thank you for everything and I'm glad our friend is contacting you for her wedding!

Wedding of Colin and Lydia LaFavor (Bigelow)
Wedding Date: July 5 - Chicago, IL
(Greek Wedding)

GROOM: I recently held my wedding in Chicago over 4th of July Weekend. It was extremely difficult planning every detail of the wedding except for the DJ. I never met with DJ Lori, but her professionalism, business plan, experience, and personal business style over the phone gave me every confidence she was te right DJ. Her prices were affordable, her service was second to none, and her talent was classy and tasteful. She took into account all of our suggestions and put her own spin on them in only a way a DJ could do. She was the best DJ I have ever seen and played songs that kept guests of all ages dancing all night long. I would book her again in a heartbeat.

BRIDE: Thank you so much for all your hard work on this day. We'll always remember you when we think back to this occasion! Sincerely, Lydia and Colin

Wedding of Jonathan and Emily Van Wyck (Weiring)
Wedding Date: June 27 - South Bend, IN

AWESOME JOB! Oh my gosh, we and our people had so much fun and we are so happy with everything! I just wanted to come over and says once again what an awesome job (DJ LORi) did! I cannot believe what a great time it was!

Wedding of Shawn and Kristen Trawinski (Miller)
Wedding Date: June 14 - Chesterton, IN

Thank you, (DJ LORi) did an awesome job.

Wedding of David and Scharisse Meija (Fields)
Wedding Date: May 30 - Itasca, IL

You definitely have our recommendation. Thank you for providing such great music for our wedding ceremony and reception. Also, thanks again for djing our wedding on your birthday! :)

Wedding of Chad and Bree McNeal
Wedding Date: May 24 - Madison, WI

Lori, thank you so much for helping to make our day a fun and exciting celebration that we will never forget! You did an awesome job! Love the HOUSE music for my boys!

Wedding of Alex and Amber Szmutko (Durfee)
Wedding Date: November 17

Thank you: we are satisfied with everything.

Wedding of Jack and Kim Zeigler (McBrayer)
Wedding Date: October 20 (Sweetest Day)

BRIDE: Lori, I just wanted to let you know about the great job that you did at Jack and my wedding ....Everyone had a great time dancing to the music and the props added such fun. I have some great pictures with the people having fun and acting silly. Thanks again for the great time!

GROOM: AWESOME job! You directed the wedding well and I'll be sending you a little something in the mail ;) Thank you very much for a fine job!

Richard and Michele Santay (Neumaier)
Wedding Date: October 6

Bride: My friends and I had a blast! Thank you so much! You did a awesome job and it was so much fun!
Groom: I highly recommend your service, in fact, we already did!
Thank you very much for everything and
I'm so happy to see everything turned out well.

Pawan and Rhonda Sivaraman (Czapla)
Wedding of September 22
(Indian Reception)

Thank you for your wonderful service for us, it was enjoyed by all. We all appreciated your wonderful talents and work...

Kyle and Angela Savino (Horvat)
Wedding Date: September 15

(Angela) Awesome job! Our dancefloor was nonstop! I just wanted to dance all night and I got that!
(Kyle) Several times throughtout the night, I came up to you tell you how awesome you were played my hip-hop selections too and we had a blast. Thank you for taking care of my requests.

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Bomicino (Cooper)
Wedding date: September 1

Hi, Lori. We just wanted to thank you again for everything! You were absolutely awesome! I had so much fun and really thank you for being a part of my wedding.

Andrew and Michelle Sparks (Davis)
Wedding Date: August 17

I always tell everyone and recommend DJ LORi for parties and weddings. As usual she did a fabulous job and I am so happy that we could get her for my wedding. AWESOME JOB! Everything was timed perfect as she played all my requests including all my hip-hop music, plus took care of some people's requests. Thank you !!

Keith and Raegan Mayfield (Smith)
Wedding Date: August 11

Thank you for your professionalism and excellent spinning at our wedding!! We had a blast and have received feedback from many of our guests praising the music and flow between songs. In addition, your assistants were very professional and we enjoyed having your team at our reception. We will recommend you to any of our friends that may need the services of a DJ. THANKS!

James and Emmaline Cunningham (Pieniazak)
Wedding date: August 4

Thank you so much, I was exhausted! We had fun!

Omar and Kristen Smith (Cahill)
Wedding date: June 29

Thank you …you did a fabulous job. It was great that you kept the reception going constantly with the right music. The hiphop selections, the steppers, EVERYTHING was perfect for our guests. My (groom’s) mom really appreciated what you did!

Sean and Amanda Florian (Lewellan)
Wedding date: June 15

DJ Lori -Thank you so much for everything. You made the music selections very easy and we would recommend everyone to use your servicess. Thank you!

Brookie Nall
Wedding Date: June 16

Lori, Thanks again for DJing our wedding. You did an awesome job. We received many compliments about you. And the props were great!

Kevin and Deborah Shanley (Darr)
Wedding Date: June 9

Dear Lori, Thanks again for such a wonderful evening of music for our wedding. Definitely will recommend you to our friends who may need a DJ. Thank you so much for all your help in making our wedding a spectacular success with all of our guests. You did a wonderful job at the wedding.We received lots of compliments on your great work. You kept the dance floor moving. We all had a great time. Lori was very professional, kind, attentive, accomodating. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. She even brought me food and water after the service because she knew how excited I was and would forget. During the dancing after dinner, she supplied everyone with all sorts of fun gimmicky paraphenalia (boas, air guitars, straw hats, etc.) to help heighten the fun...and it worked!
All the best!

Jeremy and Colleen Kolpack
Wedding date: April 28

You did an absolutely wonderful job! Thank you so much.

Joe and Melinda Moran
Wedding date: April 21

We had such a blast and our bridal party also gave compliments, as well. Thanks for everything!

Dave and Jennifer Jurcenko
Wedding: March 31

You did a good job. I appreciated that you adjusted the volume of the dinner music for fluctuations between songs. I though the introductions went good. For the dancing portion of the reception, you closely followed our song suggestions which is what I wanted! The props were a fun addition and you were not a obtrusive, cheesy DJ. Your equipment sounded great and the music volume was perfect.


Annual Halloween Party @ Gamba's Ristorante

Merrillville, IN

October 29

Thanks so much for another great job. So fun! The afterparty was awesome, too!

See you next year!

TGIFridays - Hobart, IN

August 11

Thank you so much for doing the Bar Flair competition, a huge success! Everyone enjoyed it and we will have to do this again next year. Thanks again!

Conway's 4th of July Party

July 2

Thanks again for a great party! See you next year!

Aziza Ziad - Orland Park, IL

40th Birthday Party for Husband, June 25

DJ Lori was the perfect fit for my husband's 40th birthday party. My friends and I are very picky when it comes to music and every one of them, including myself, had a blast and did not stop dancing the entire evening. Some that never, ever dance could not help themselves and joined us on the dancefloor! DJ Lori is extremely professional, kind and fun! I never have to search for another DJ again!!!!!

Anna Mandula - Merrillville, IN

40th birthday party for friend, April 16

Thank you for making our party extra special. The music was GREAT, and everyone had a wonderful time. I look forward to working with you again. With gratitude...

Valparaiso University Law School - Barrister's Ball

Crazy awesome night! Once again, you are the best! Packed dancefloor all night! See you next year!!!!

February 19

Juanita Jordan, NBA's Michael Jordan and family

Wonderful reviews given by family. Specific family members (names withheld), who were the guest of honor for several parties, literally gave 2 thumbs up for DJ Lori. Word from the Jordan family is that the party members enjoyed her music and were very happy with the results of the entire evening and day. The Jordans would invite Lori back for future parties.

December 14
(with Hip-hop & Billboard artist's Lupe Fiasco)
June 12
June 1

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Halas 25th
Wedding Anniversary, June 20 -Highland, IN

Thank you for everything. You did great!

Ed Paesel, Mayor of Sauk Village
Retirement Party, May 30 -Chicago Heights, IL

Thank you very much for making my party fun.

Mett Therapy Services
Holiday Party, January 24 -Chicago Heights, IL

Overall responses from several people including the owner of the company, Erik: Thank you so much for doing such a great job. Everyone had a fun time and the props really make the party

Don and Maria Casillas & daughter, Donnella
Quinceanera, January 3 -Crown Point, IN

Thank you for making my daughter’s Quinceanera a memorable occasion! Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Casillas

Michelle of Gamba Risorante
New Year’s Eve Party, December 31 -Crown Point, IN

Awesome, booking you for next year! Thanks so much for everything. Glad to see you got another wedding out this party, too ;) See you soon!

American Bar Association
Annual Holiday Party, December 12 -Chicago, IL

Great job! So glad we could get you this year (7th year of service -continuing client) Definitely call you back for next year. Thank you!!

Sharon Carlotta
BIA-NWI Holiday Party, December 5 -Crown Point, IN

You know we will call you again for next year! Great job, as usual! Got you booked for next year ;)

Surprise 40th Birthday party, Susana Ortiz
September 6
(Genres: 80s & 90s House remixes, Hip-hop and Rock)

DJ Lori was great. She was professional and hip. She is a great mixer and command of whatever type of music you ask for. I would definitely recommend her to others. I, specifically, hired her, as compared to DJ Samantha Ronson (celebrity Lindsey Lohan's current girlfriend), and wanted Club-House remixes from the 80s and 90s, along with the hip-hop of Jay-Z, Notorious BIG and more. Dancing from the first of the songs spun until the end!

Renaissance Hotel Thank You Party
September 2
(Genre: House club music only)

Thank you again! MANY MANY great compliments from the hotel staff and party-goers! We'll be in touch for another.

Annual 4th of July picnic
July 4th- Monticello, IN

Great to have you back and thank you again for the music! Thanks for taking our requests!

8th Grade Graduation Party
June 28 - Munster, IN

Thank you for your services. (DJ LORi's) music was fun!

Greek Baptism Party
June 21 - Chicago, IL

I just wanted to let you know that not ONLY were me and my husband pleased with your service, my guests thought you were GREAT! Thanks again for coming and making my daughter's baptismal celebration a blast!! You will DEFINITLEY be kept in mind for future events!

Chicago Sun Times 60th Anniversary Party
May 29 - Chicago, IL

DJ LORi did a fantastic job! Thank you for playing overtime for 2 additional hours: we could have kept going some more but she had to leave for another club job! Awesome DJ! Very pleased with the results and they are so happy with everything.

CW Channel (Nationally-televised event, also seen on Channel 5 news)
May 13 - Chicago, IL

CW Channel's (cable program who host "America's Next Top Model", "Gossip Girl", "The Reaper", "90210", etc.) nationally televised parties in New York, Hollywood and Chicago.
Performances also included with Maroon 5 (rock group) with actresses from "Gossip Girls"
- Chicago, IL

The feedback received from the party:
* Thanks for everything: I am glad the event went well!
* DJ LORi played a really great mix of songs that fit well witht he party. Remixed songs that took me back to my days but better versions...loved it!! Great job! We were given compliments from the party about DJ LORi by our associates and their guests, so with this, we will recommend you to all!

Surprise 30th Birthday Party for Michelle (of Gamba Ristorante)
February 22

Excellent job! We had a ton of fun and my sister had a blast. The Patron definitely helped as well, haha ;)

Sauk Village 49th Annual Firemen’s Dance
February 9

Another successful party! As usual, everyone enjoyed your music and had a blast. See you next year for our 50th anniversary celebration!

Steak n Shake Holiday Party
December 7

Great show! You did a great job! People were commenting on how they really like seeing DJ Lori come back every year for the party. Thank you!

Fresenius Medical Care Christmas Party
December 6

Thank you, people had fun.

Building Industries Association of NW-IN
December 5

Awesome job, the best ever! As you noticed, the dancefloor was non-stop and they were all smiles. Thank you once again for djing our Holiday party.

J.P. Morgan Awards Party (Carnivale Chicago venue)
October 24

5 stars, the best in top stars to get! Lori was great in every way possible and would strongly recommend her to anyone and also contract her services again.

Lake Pointe Partners Halloween Party
October 30

Hey, DJ Lori! Thank you for doing such a great job! Everyone said that they really enjoyed the music and it was fun! My wife thinks your music was great, too and you know she's on a DJ on KISS-FM ;)

American Bar Association Summer Picnic (Chicago, IL)
June 28

Ellie Landers
Thank you and we'll be calling you for our Holiday party, again!

Biore Fashion Show (Chicago, IL)
June 26

Lucinda Spurr
I just wanted to say thanks! You were great last night! I heard that our guests couldn't help dancing and singing while they were reviewing the clothes.

60th Birthday Party - Josephine aka Cookie Alton
June 23

Without DJ Lori, the party would have been very boring. Lori, you kept the dance floor going until the end. I received many compliments from my friends. They said that our party and music as better! Your service is better than any service we have seen. My grandson is talking about you and he wants to know when Nana Cookie is going to have another party. You were great! Thank you so much and God bless.

Break in the Weather Festival (Wisconsin)
Fins Bar & Grill
May 26, & 27 and April 14

Sue and Pat Hagan
Lori was terrific. She is professional and approachable. VERY talented and one of the nicest performers we have met. Everyone loved the music. Lori was just super great to work with and we highly recommend her.

Mardi Gras Event for Deborah's Place (Chicago, IL)
February 20

Raksha Authar
I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your assistant for coming over and being a part of our fundraiser. You are so amazingly talented and we were very honored to have you!

Sauk Village Firemen's Valentine Dance (Sauk Village, IL)
Feburary 10

Dennis Synowiec
Every year, you service our parties and every year we bring you back...thank you again! See you next year.

Premier Yachts, Inc. Holiday Party (Chicago, IL)
January 12

See you next year as usual! Our holiday parties are fun with DJ Lori.