What do you charge for travel and setup and how early is setup?

Fees: Nothing, with one exception. If your venue has a large amount of stairs with no elevator available, there is nominal one time fee added in tht contract, for labor reasons.

Setup: Lori's DJ Service arrives approximately 1 1/2 - 2 hours in advance, before the event starts. This simply ensures arrival timeliness, for setup of the DJ equipment and more.

Also, giving us time to check for any other errors, such in wrong room placement (yes, venues have been known to place djs in the wrong room!), any possible dj equipment failures and more.

In addition of arriving early enough, it also give our position more control in correcting any other errors that have occurred such as allowing us time to help out with any of your other vendors with any problems that they come across last minute. Whether it's our responsibility or not, we sincerely take pride in Lori DJ Service, to going above and beyond as required or needed: it's one of our strong points!