How will the DJ dress?

At Lori's DJ Service, we are very strict on presenting our best selves to our events and to our clients. Proper personal hygiene, dressed in clean, pressed and appropriate clothing as required for the event, we ensure that we take great pride in looking our very best as our images is top priority. Nothing crumpled nor dirty, plus no jeans, booty shorts, low cut tops, nor gym shoes, ever! 

  Also, we do not drink alcohol while on duty: it is strictly forbidden. We want our guests to feel comfortable in know we are always 100% professional and mature while handling events and DJing music.

Formal Events (weddings, company affairs, etc.):
Full black tuxedo attire (as shown in the picture).

Non-formal Events (birthdays, anniversaries, outdoor events, etc): Black company long sleeve collared shirt with black pressed pants.

Outdoor Events: (Based on the conditions and the weather where the events is held) Hot Weather: short sleeve collared shirt with above the knee shorts. Cooler Weather: long sleeve black collared shirt, sweater or jacket with long pressed pants, plus a black hat as needed.