On-line Music Library:

Our music library is on-line for your convenience! (Click our Music Library Link).
We bring ALL of our 50,000+ hits to your event to ensure every requests is taken care of.
Our Music Library is consistently updated with modern music as we keep current on new releases.
Upon booking and reserving your date with us, we will email you our top popular 1000+ songlist.
Because we focus on your selection of music for your event, we welcome that you bring yours along.

Dinner and Cocktail Music:
Because our packages are all-inclusive, dinner, cocktail and fun music are included.
Dinner and cocktail music are always at comfortable volume levels that permit conversation.
With our suggested list of dinner and cocktail music that is included in your packet,
you have the option to choose your style.
Fun Music:

Lori's DJ Service is noted for its original style that is tastefully trendy.
Our modernized style has been praised for the selection of tunes enjoyed by the young & "young-at-heart".
To motivate all ages to the dance floor, we add the "forgotten" fun tunes: this brings out the ones who you think might not get up & dance.

Edited Music:
For your assurance we carry edited music (screened for explicit lyrics).