Because DJ LORi runs a personalized service, you will hire DJ Lori as your DJ.
There is never any contracting out to other djs or other dj companies. (except in a extreme emergency)
This eliminates that panic of last minute change in an unknown and unassigned dj.
Your Personal DJ:

Dj LORi will spend unlimited quality time to make sure that your expectations are met.
With timely and consistant communication, DJ LORi will work with you until you are satisfied with the event itenerary.
We listen carefully to your planning to ensure the customized service you expect for your money.
By your event time, your DJ is like a personal trusted friend and not a stranger.
You will be at ease and confident your DJ will handle everything just right.

Interactive DJ:
Your DJ is a trained professional who is a people-person.
Your DJ will facilitate your event with professionalism, act as an Host/Masters of Ceremony (MC) without monopolizing the mic with excessive talking and will be respectful towards everyone involved with your event.
Your hall manager, photographer, videographer and others will find that they can cordially work with your DJ to faciliate your event with grace and perfect timing.